A trip to Venice from Caorle

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What kind of vacation have you decided to give you? Sun and relaxation in the beautiful seaside village of Caorle... well done!... and you have chose a very nice Hotel: the Hotel Alexander... good choice! But if the scent of the sun cream, the popsicles, the succulent seafood, the walks by the sea, the drinks in the moonlight aren't enough for you... why don't spend a day visiting the nearby Venice? Venice... The whole world envies us for it and people come from all over the world to see it, just to stroll in the St. Mark's Square and to dive into the past... to the times of the Doges, of Casanova... the Venice in its full splendor.
 Have I convinced you? Don't I? I can't get you out of the beach lounger by the sea? mhm... watch the weather... tomorrow will be warm but a little bit cloudy... Come on!! 
How to reach Venice starting from the Alexander Hotel in Caorle?

Bus + Boat
Own car + Train
Own car

1 Bus + Boat is the most simple and convenient solution. The ATVO bus with its service Quickly Caorle, available from Monday to Friday, stops at 8:05 a few steps from the Alexander Hotel: the breakfast in the hotel starts at 7.30 but for the hikers we can anticipate it, let me know!

The ticket bus + boat is unique and it costs, round trip, 23,00 euro. You can get on the bus without tickets at the bus stop in front of the Hotel, the bus will stop at the station and here you can get off and buy them... convenient, isn't it? If you want you can ask at the reception the "travel package" with sandwiches, fruit and water in place of the lunch in the Hotel.
The bus will take you to Punta Sabbioni where you will get on a boat and, after a voyage of about 40 minutes on the calm waters of the lagoon, not in the high sea, you will arrive in Venice.
What a dream to arrive in Venice from the sea... what a spectacle... almost emotional... So? Was I right or not to recommend you to dedicate a day to visit this beauty?
From this moment you are free, you can go immediately to admire the Ducal Palace, which was the office and the residence of the Doge, the Bridge of Sighs, the St. Mark's Cathedral... Take pictures! I recommend it... it's not every day that you are in one of the most beautiful cities in the world! You can then stop to eat a good ice cream and do some shopping... there are so many nice shops for all budgets.
Beware though that the boat to Punta Sabbioni leaves at 16:45, where you will find the bus that will take you back to Caorle, in front of the hotel... tired but happy! A shower and you will arrive in time for dinner
2. The boat is the ideal solution for those who don't want miss even a ray of sunshine and who want sunbathe also during the trip that lasts two hours and includes the navigation in the high sea.
 From the fishing Port, in the center of Caorle, leaves every morning the motor ship Motonave Caorle, from Monday to Friday at 8.00 am. You have to book! Ask me to do it... with a certain advance.

To arrive at the Peschereccio Port from the Alexander Hotel you have to walk for about 15 minutes. We will serve you the breakfast at 7:00 so, leaving at 7:30 am from the Hotel you will arrive with the right advance to the embarking.

At 16.00 the motor ship will leave for Caorle…the littleVenice❤️ 

3 Own car + Train is the ideal solution for those who want to choose their times of departure and returnand... combining the arrival at the station with the right train is also the fastest way.
 Irecommend you the train station of San Donà di Piave, 30 km from Caorle, easy to get to because the road is sliding and never trafficated. On www.trenitalia.com you can find all the timetables that may be interesting for you. You can park the car in the free parking of the station.

4 Own car... this is the solution for those who want to be completely independent and it is ideal for those who have little children because it allows "in case of emergency" to get back quickly .
 With your car you can choose two ways:
You can reach Punta Sabbioni, leave the car in the parking fees and then get on a boat to Venice or to Murano and Burano.
You can directly reach Venice, leave your car in the Tronchetto parking and then move across Venice with the water buses"Vaporetto" toward St. Mark's Square. 

If you want to see Venice from Webcams click on www.skylinewebcams.com. There's one of them on St. Mark's Square also with the sound!www.skylinewebcams.com ?

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